Lyrics to Touch and go
by Storm

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[edit]Song titleTouch and go
[edit]Artist nameStorm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm looking for some love tonight, tell me what's your plan
Are we gonna play hide and seek, or catch me if you can
I'm looking for a reason now, baby you can bet
It isn't gonna be that easy
What you see just may not be the same as what you get
Touch and go - I'm right here, I'm ready and I'm able
Don't say no - oh no, it's nothing more than
Touch and go - she's right there with a wiggle and a giggle
Touch and go, always touch and go
I flip the switch and the lights go on, but there's nobody home
This time I'll leave it up to you, let me
know when you're ready to go
Up, down, in and out, your love runs hot and cold
Find more similar lyrics on're all calling you a shoulda, woulda, coulda
So make it, don't you fake it or just leave me alone
Flip, Flop, who's on top, gotta keep going on till we drop
Oh no, I don't know, down the road I go
Touch and go - high strung pretty little fly
Don't say no - oh no, don't tell me you've been thinking
Touch and go - loose cannon giving me the willies
Touch and go, always touch and go
Touch and go, go ahead and touch me
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Lyrics to Touch and go
by Storm

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