Lyrics to Odin's Ride
by Stormrider

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[edit]Song titleOdin's Ride
[edit]Artist nameStormrider
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A cold and hardened people
set sail to the sea
Quested for new land
a battlefield it came to be
Everyone would flee
the berserker's rage

Brave and bold
they continued on
The one-eyed god
granted victory
So it came to be
another Odin's ride
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Valkyries fly
bringing souls of the brave
home to Valhalla
A faith written in blood
let the weak ones die!

Fight with pride
let honour lead the way
Odin holds the key
to viking paradise
Battle in the day
drinking and eating at night
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Lyrics to Odin's Ride
by Stormrider

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