Lyrics to Speak English or die
by Stormtroopers of Death

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[edit]Song titleSpeak English or die
[edit]Artist nameStormtroopers of Death
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You come into this country
You cant get real jobs
Boats, and boats, and boats of you
Go home you fuckin slobs
Sellin hot dogs on the corner
Sellin papers in the street
Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
Where you come from must be beat

You always make us wait
You are the ones we hate
You cant communicate
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You dont know what I want
You dont know what I need
Why must I repeat myself,
Can't you fuckin read?
Nice fuckin accent
Why cant you speak like me?
What's that dot on your head,
Do you use it to see?

You always make us wait
You are the ones we hate
You cant communicate
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Lyrics to Speak English or die
by Stormtroopers of Death

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