Lyrics to War of the Wizards
by Stormwitch

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[edit]Song titleWar of the Wizards
[edit]Artist nameStormwitch
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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On the pinnacle stood the wizard
Looking down upon the open land
He saw darkness from the east
From the rival hand
Creeping slow across the meadow
Blackens the day, darkens the mind
With the wiseness in his vision
Pain of every kind
With the for came clouds of warriors
Ready to destroy the town
With their darkness they spread out fear
Fear that holds one down
So the foe starts the attack
Breaks their souls, it makes is hard
To stop the flow of evil foes
But what should I do?
With swords in the air
they're facing the death
Death foes dressed up in red
They are breaking hard stone
Soon they will tear down the walls
To the town all men!
The inner lines! Fight for your lifes!
Let's turn the corners
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They're shooting arrows of tar
See them burning, here and there
Some may help us, the end is near
Horn in the distance!
Hail to our friends in arms!
Riders to the front
They're singing all the while they ride
They're singing all the
while in bloody fight
They're singing knowing what they see
They're singing and dying but forever free
The fight it pendeled here and there
But who really wins a war
Soon they slowly gained back ground
Pushed the enemy to the sound
Now the battle's won
But the deeds we'll count with shame
Night under the sun
They're singing.
The day is left many with it
It was a day of bloody fight
When will it all be over
War will never end
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Lyrics to War of the Wizards
by Stormwitch

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