Lyrics to Fear
by Strange Occurrence

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[edit]Song titleFear
[edit]Artist nameStrange Occurrence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I once knew a girl in my life
She locked herself in late at night
Scared of what people may say
Scared of what people may do
Some say that she was afraid
I say the girl is like me and you

She was in need of a friend
Someone to just lend a hand
I said, "You can confide in me
Find more similar lyrics on'll help you be all that you can be
Trust me I'll pull you through"
It didn't take long to find I was scared too

We all have a fear deep inside
It causes us all to go hide
Scared of what people may do
Scared of what people may say
Pretending that things are okay
Crying inside when we don't get our way
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Lyrics to Fear
by Strange Occurrence

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