Lyrics to Cutdown on the 12th
by Street Dogs

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[edit]Song titleCutdown on the 12th
[edit]Artist nameStreet Dogs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The handwriting was on the wall, but I refused to read it
Our end always hung in the balance, apparent to both me and you
But now you're looking for the coward's way
out, and that's unbelievable
To back out on someone when they're down is totally unforgivable

Cutdown on the 12th, You picked a great day to think of your self
Cutdown on the 12th, on a day where I scream for your help
Cutdown on the 12th, and I won't forgive your selfishness
Cutdown on the 12th, will forever distrust you

In the eleventh hour, you make a fake gesture
Find more similar lyrics on want to try and work it out, but you've been sent out to pasture
Don't forget to clean up your things and leave my place for good
You've got two faces but I've only seen the evil one


You've got two faces, and I never liked your evil one
You go to places, mostly to your rubber room
You've got two faces; I've barely seen the kind one
You go to places; the second one is your crazy head

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Lyrics to Cutdown on the 12th
by Street Dogs

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