Lyrics to Timebomb Generation
by Strike Anywhere

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[edit]Song titleTimebomb Generation
[edit]Artist nameStrike Anywhere
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Your children are shooting up society
'cause you made money making
killing a commodity
at war on tv from a faraway field
a timebomb generation
the nation's fate is sealed

kill the stain inside our heads
tell the policeman to give up
we live in defiance of empty times
kill the stain inside our heads
apathy until we're dead
we live in defiance of empty times

No more empty times

Timebomb is the building tension
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timebomb watch the media lying
'just another episode'
timebomb to transform awareness
in our hearts deep inside
from man to man to nation
end the fear and conquer pride

so what does it mean
to take their power and push it away
overcome this culture
and the lies they tell them everyday
find a voice for a better future
and a place for you and I
to face our fears and
fall down to rise back up
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Lyrics to Timebomb Generation
by Strike Anywhere

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