Lyrics to Set You Free
by Stroke 9

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[edit]Song titleSet You Free
[edit]Artist nameStroke 9
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She starts talkin to me
I hear her voice its like a whisper in my ear
But she ain't saying nothing to me
That makes me want more, makes me want more
And it's all that I can do to stay
When she's leaving the floor, leaving the floor
And it's all because of me
I'll set you free
I know how your face looks when you're down
And you wont' have me with you so just rage
Put your faith in this life, set you free
I just want you to live
You can't see the end in the beginning
And I don' know how to explain
That we've been here before, been here before
Find more similar lyrics on I've begun to think of you this way
That's why I'm needing it more, needing it more more
And it's all because of me
I know how your face looks when you're down
And you won't have me with you so just rage
Put your faith in this life, set you free
I want you to believe in me
So that I can believe in you
That's all we need to do to get us through this
She stops talking to me
With spiraling eyes that keep on twirling
And that ring does it shine for me
Like you said when I was shaking my rusty tambourine around your head
And I'm still needing it more, needing it more.
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Lyrics to Set You Free
by Stroke 9

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