Lyrics to Get With This
by Strona D

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[edit]Song titleGet With This
[edit]Artist nameStrona D
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wisper Strona D

Verse 1:
lets take a trip lil daddy you and me
just bring the tools I got the recipe
Ill be a doctor Ill cure ya needs
put down ya wallet I got the recite
we can do it big we can tour the whole world
rockin them diamonds too hood for them pearls
straight for the top if you rolling with D
call me ya locket cause you got the key
baby we can do anything that you want
drink us some Goose or roll up a joint
you want to get loose Ima spice up ya life
turn off the light cause tonight is the night
MTV in the room wildn out
started on the bed ended up on the couch
just keep it real cause Ima keep it G
Bonie and Clyde together we can be

Chorus x2
Ill be your queen if you get with this
ride for the team if you get with this
Lie for the team if you get with this
come on boy lets take a trip

Verse 2:
boy don't you know you the bass to my speakers
(boom boom boom)
in the bed hes a keeper
makeing me feel like I never felt before
I put it in his life now he begging me for more
Find more similar lyrics on me xcape cause you're my litte secret
I gave you my heart and I hope that you keep it
feelin like jodeci baby I'm feenin
real thug passion the dick got me sreamin(screamin)
lookin in your eyes and I just had to wonder
what I woulda did if I didn't get the number
last summer I felt so weak first time I seen ya
bye bye hatas I wouldnt wanna see ya
lets take a trip on a cruise to jamacia
chillen on the beach slow wind ima make ya
drink some drinks get real wasted
gon use a tounge hell yeah you can taste it


lil daddy you my bust it baby (bust bust it baby)
the dick so good drive drive me crazy
I want it all day and I want it all night
it's been a couple months so my katt so tight
I love the way you moving when you do your thang
sometimes I'm too loud when I'm screamin your name
strona D ima queen and I'm ready for a king
got me so gone hes the feathers to my wings
just thik me and you on a jet
kissin on my neck now my tighty gettin wet so wet
in the room now you sweating I'm such a bad bitch now teach me a lesson


be you queen for the team on the scene
(till music fades out)
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Lyrics to Get With This
by Strona D

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