Lyrics to I Gotcha Your Man
by Strona D

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[edit]Song titleI Gotcha Your Man
[edit]Artist nameStrona D
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I, I gotcha man.
I, I gotcha man.
All I really wanted was that cash in advance.

I gotcha man, that´s all I gotta say.
Erbody knew yous a hoe anyway.
Bi-bitch recognize I got these thick thighs
And this pretty pussy that ya old man prides.
You-you the 6th man, I never ride the bench.
I´m the 1st round draft, you the 2nd round pick.
Ya man chose me, ya girl Strona D.
4 tips, brown eyes, and a gold pink teeth
Bi-bitch you can buck, I don´t give a fuck
Open up the trunk, cl-click, oh what´s up
And I ain´t from the A, Palm Beach where I stay
But these hands can make ya ass lean and rock any day.
Cuz I do it wit no hands (ay), I do it wit no feet (ay),
I do it wit that 4-5 to put ya ass to sleep (ay).
But man real good, he do it wit his hands
Everytime he hands me that cash in advance.

Chorus- 4x

Bi-bitch, don´t get mad, ya better be glad,
Cuz this the best piece of pussy that ya man ever had.
He went crazy for the twat he said my shit fat.
I gave him a warning that I got that holla back.
Hoe you ain´t no competition, bitch you better listen
Try to come cross, dumb hoe you´ll be missin.
Find more similar lyrics on´m too too sweet, from my neck to my feet.
Lick me up and down, in the middle there´s a treat.
And I ain´t no hoe, I don´t go low.
I don´t need to cuz my clit like a throat.
Type of grip on that dick, that´s a power pussy
Slow wind on that shit til his eyes get gushy.
Let him get on his knees and li-lick that pussy
I gotcha man stupid bitch, stop cryin you wussy.
You already had ya chance to keep ya man
Now everyday he givin me that cash in advance.

Chorus- 4x

Yea ya man got taste, he seen this pretty face
And ever since then you had to be replaced.
I went shoppin in Cali, in South Beach Miami
Took a ride to Palm Beach, blowin kush in the Caddy.
I told him thanks for the gifts, and gave him a kiss
I swear he fell in love when his cheeks felt my lips.
that´s what I call game, I ain´t the one to blame.
I had him in the crib giv-givin me some brain.
Now ya mad and wanna fight, we can do this shit tonight
I don´t fight clean so ya better bring ya wipes.
And when I´m done wit ya ass you can gon call ya crew
Cuz my dogs deep and they will do you.
So don´t think it´s a game, cuz bitch I ain´t playin.
I took ya man once, and I can take him again.
Yea ya man feel good, he took me by the hand
And said, baby here go yo cash in advance.

Chorus-2x to end
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Lyrics to I Gotcha Your Man
by Strona D

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