Lyrics to Velvet Alley
by Strung Out

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[edit]Song titleVelvet Alley
[edit]Artist nameStrung Out
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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you can't make me see what you think i should know
you dont understand where im coming from
we're passing through worlds no perception in time
im not the same as when i began

show me dont tell me whats
going on inside your little world
you should have never landed on the moon
you heard we never reached the sky
then shed some light i'll lend a patient ear

dont let me down i gotta know
if something good could grow out on this rock
save me one more
and i'll be free from the i think it ought to be

babble on
could i be wrong

a silhouette of you and me
just negetive space and time
just reference to a simpler history
Find more similar lyrics on'd sacrifice a million nights for
a moments peace with you
reflections to dissect reality

it's all in what we hold as being real
when the symbol kills the substance then we've lost
save me one more time
and i'll be free from the alleyways of my heart

(you can't make me see what you think i should know)
im going nowhere
im going nowhere inside this state of mind

(you can't make me see what you think i should know)
we're going nowhere
we're going nowhere inside this state of mind

sit and stay awhile
talk to me about that things that make you real
let forget about all that make you and me surrender
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Lyrics to Velvet Alley
by Strung Out

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