Lyrics to The Sun's Coming Up
by Stuart Marty

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[edit]Song titleThe Sun's Coming Up
[edit]Artist nameStuart Marty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Once again, I face Satan this morning
And I battle him, all the day long
But in my weakness, God sent reinforcements
And at sundown, I'll sing Victory's song

And the sun's comin' up, in the morning
Every tear will be gone from my eye
This old place is gonna give way to Glory
And like an eagle, I'll take to the sky

In a world, filled with doubts and confusion
Find more similar lyrics on's so hard, when you don't understand
But I'll stand, on a solid foundation
And I'll hold, to an unchanging hand

And the sun's comin' up, in the morning
Every tear will be gone from my eye
This old place is gonna give way to Glory
And like an eagle, I'll take to the sky

And the sun's comin' up, in the morning
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Lyrics to The Sun's Coming Up
by Stuart Marty

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