Lyrics to Let's Go
by Styles P & Ray J

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[edit]Song titleLet's Go
[edit]Artist nameStyles P
[edit]FeaturingRay J
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Intro: Ray J
(YEAHHH-YOWWW!!) Let's go!
Yeah, yeah, ohhhhh-whoa
I break it down like, ohhhhh-whoa
(YEAHHH-YOWWW!!) Yeah, yeah, yeah
I break it down like, ohhhhh-whoa
Ohhhhh-whoa, let's go!

Styles P
Just wanna have fun, just wanna laugh hard
Passed out in the front yard or the back yard
Have me a ball right, stayed up all night
Thinkin to myself that the party was all right
Woke up with a hangover, who called the gang over?
Porsche, Corvette, Tahoe and the Range Rover
Pulled up in my driveway
I'm stuck so I look at 'em sideways
I need about an hour or less
To eat somethin then, run and take a shower and get fresh
Yeah, and then, all day long we on the hunt for the money
And, all night long we on the hunt for the money
Late night, probably in the club with a honey
She said make it rain, but she can't get nothin from me
Let the roof burn, I bet tomorrow night it'd be sunny
Can you dig it? Said a joke but she ain't think it was funny, y'know?

Chorus: Ray J
In the club girl (yeah) V.I.P. and (yeah)
Poppin bottles (yeah) Hennessy and (yeah)
LET'S GO! Ohhhhh-whoa
I break it down like, ohhhhh-whoa
On a island (yeah) jet-skiin (yeah)
Me and you girl (yeah) for the weekend (yeah)
LET'S GO! Ohhhhh-whoa
I break it down like, ohhhhh-whoa
Big pimpin, big pimpin, yeahhhh
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Styles P
I just wanna get me a cup, go and sticky it up
For the young boys, blicky(?) it up
Where the after party? Know I got the piff in the truck
I'm a man stuck, and I'm the one that's gettin them up
But I'm tired, can't shake that last cup
Said the cops is comin, that'll wake that ass up
Back to the block just to make that fast buck
Then I'm in the studio spittin them bars
I ain't talkin 'bout coffee but I'm gettin them (Star-bucks)
Used to be, in and out of jail, you could blame it on hard luck
But now I'm doin good, it's the gangster that God trust


Styles P
Picture me up in the big crib
(Party and Bullshit) just like Big did
Sure then, hard y'know, just like a skid bid
Why you think they scared of me up in the business?
And when I go out, it's to party and dance
Don't you think about the heat, it's just part of the pants
Cause I come from the streets where e'rybody is amped
So my man talk to 'em, give 'em a chance

Ray J
See, I need two more Hennessy shots, bartender
Two more shots of Patrуn to get up in her
Ohhhhh-whoa (ha ha, we takin shots)
Ohhhhh-whoa, to get up in her like
One for the money, two for the dough
Three for the DJ, fo' for the TKO-ohhhhhh
Ohhhhh-whoa, ohhhhh-whoa

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Lyrics to Let's Go
by Styles P & Ray J

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