Lyrics to In the way
by Subb

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[edit]Song titleIn the way
[edit]Artist nameSubb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Suitcase and memories
A faded picture of what we had
Hard days would pass by
They came by but never left (us)
I need some patience,
A straight wire, a padded scene
I need a new sense
The doorframe is closing in

Now i'm clutching to what i
Find more similar lyrics on (now i'm clutching to what
i had...)
A parcel of dignity and a shred of advice to take
I guess i'm moving on, i guess i'm saving face
I guess the pain is in the way

The pain is in the way...

I guess i'm moving on, i guess i'm saving face
I guess i'm moving on...
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Lyrics to In the way
by Subb

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