Lyrics to What Happened?
by Sublime

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[edit]Song titleWhat Happened?
[edit]Artist nameSublime
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Three four

Wake up in the morning
Clock says half past one
I have no sunglasses
As I step into the sun

There's no recollection
Of the evil things I've done
My head feels like
I must have had some fun

What happened?

Last thing I remember
I was chillin' at a party
Pinchin' girlie's asses
I was drinkin' recklessly

I know I did something
Lord, what could it be?
Woke up in the morning
And all my friends hate me

What happened?

Oh yeah
Play it for them wonder
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What am I doing here?
Who is this girl in my bed?
What is this shit on my face?
My God, what is that awful smell?

She may be an angel
She may be a queen
She might be Black, White, American, Indian or Japanese

What happened?

Threw a bottle at the bouncer
Didn't think that he was cool
Pissed in someones drink
And threw a bike into a pool

Drivin' down the side walk
Like a drunkin' possessed fool
I broke every single traffic rule

Oh, what happened?
What happened?
Let's go

She may be an angel
She may be a queen
She might be Black, White, American, Indian or Japanese
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Lyrics to What Happened?
by Sublime

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