Lyrics to At the Park
by Subseven

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[edit]Song titleAt the Park
[edit]Artist nameSubseven
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It rips me up – spits me out – I'm
messed up – in this rut -
Caught up in this system – put down as another victim -
my fingernails are fading away – and
my hair is looking lazy -
but that's okay, yeah, but I think I may go crazy -

this time I have don't feel my own -
this life I live feels like a joke. -
but still I try to take control -
still on my own, all alone -

here I go again – go – I lie awake -
In my car – at the park – I –I run away -
Find more similar lyrics on's half past three and I can't sleep -
looking up at the stars – looking up in the dark -

this time I have don't feel my own -
this life I live feels like a joke -
but still I try to take control -
still on my own, all alone

my stereo turns on trying to ignore you
but i still hear your voice
everything will be okay,you say
everythings going to change,you say

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Lyrics to At the Park
by Subseven

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