Lyrics to Catatonia
by Suffocation

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[edit]Song titleCatatonia
[edit]Artist nameSuffocation
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Force fed immobilization
Man made liquid controlling my limbs
I want to die, no reason for living
Dealing with complications life brings
A corpse with no thoughts
No feelings or perceptions of life
The pleasures of death I foresee
Nightmares and day mares combining
To torture my being - This
torture inhibits my life

The world is a graveyard of
fools left to cope
With the torment and regret
of man now deceased
Ghouls are released to destroy the race
Which we call human beings

Existence is torn from my soul
Perdition is what is believed to be seen
Suffering from the inside
Nefarious is the way
You choose to be - Left with no will to live
My intestinal wall begins to cave in
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I begin to rot here as I lay

Time to take a look
At what has begun to pass before me
Die a slow death
It now begins to take it's toll


Scared as I lay here dead
From this infectious disease
I want to rise from here
To recover what is mine

Abdicate your position in life
Now that you lie deceased
Rising from the tomb you own
To take what is rightfully yours

Scared as I lay here dead
From this infectious disease
I want to rise from here
To recover what is mine
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Lyrics to Catatonia
by Suffocation

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