Lyrics to Pierced from Within
by Suffocation

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[edit]Song titlePierced from Within
[edit]Artist nameSuffocation
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Penetrate the minds of those misfortuned at birth.
Murder is etched in the deepest chasms of the soul.
Salvation stripped from the origin of existence.
Obstinacy abandons, as you yield your world to me.
Decree of my darkest dreams.
Memories of my future.
Welcome to my church.
Sodomize my cross for it now marks your existence.
Dismissal of lucivity, consume my body and blood.
Supplicate for death, obscurity
condemns the structure.
Spectral abominations, the gathering of souls.
Find more similar lyrics on the rise of inhumanity.
Returned to a land you've never been.
You kill again for the first time.
Recollections of what never was.
Decree of my darkest dreams.
Memories of my future.
Welcome to my church.
I am your savior.
Shapeless to your perception.
For I am you, pierced from within.
Pierced from within.
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Lyrics to Pierced from Within
by Suffocation

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