Lyrics to Step one
by Suicide Machines

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[edit]Song titleStep one
[edit]Artist nameSuicide Machines
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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compassion is at a stand still
desensitized this day, never know
if we will make a change this way
i'm gonna try this time
can you try this time?
we're gonna try this time
don't wanna cry this time

the factories down the river
they illuminate the sky
homeless people shiver
profit is the reason why
you try to fight the symptoms
but you don't fight
the disease
in some sense, you've
done something
but it is you conscience
that you please

progress, greed, their war machines
Find more similar lyrics on've done
i've done
we've done nothing

so desperate to say something
but it's all just empty talk
talk and talk but do nothing
while resources they exhaust
poisoned air, polluted seas
cancered bodies, burning trees
sometimes i don't understand
war, death, disease, famine

progress, greed, their war machines
you've done
i've done
we've done nothing
progress, make way, make way for
progress, make way, make way for
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Lyrics to Step one
by Suicide Machines

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