Lyrics to Disengage
by Suicide Silence

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[edit]Song titleDisengage
[edit]Artist nameSuicide Silence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One day there will be no more pain like an opiate wonderland
No more worry, it will all just end

And all our forward movement will finally cease

The human machine will finally bleed
The human machine will finally cease to be

So set yourself free
And disengage from reality x2

The grounds will shake and your children will tremble
Soon enough the machine will fall
And we will all crumble
Find more similar lyrics on human machine will finally bleed and cease to be

We'll finally be set free, be set free, be set free

Just be glad you know what life is
Be glad you know

You know what life is x2

One day there will be no worry
No more pain, it will all just end
And all our forward movement will finally cease

Disengage x7
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Lyrics to Disengage
by Suicide Silence

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