Lyrics to Realm of no Return
by Summon

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[edit]Song titleRealm of no Return
[edit]Artist nameSummon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Time has come but far too soon
Haunting paths of doom to choose...
Life is just a dream,we all shall awaken, soon!
In mighty dreams we dream of death's cold embrace
The soul in black,I feel cold and numb
Saving all your dreams
Your dream for nothing pure and true...
Infinite darkness it shall be
Where nothing is what it once seemed
Like the agelessness of mysteries old
Wisp through my soul...
Wanning moons of power
Dissolve realities of life and death
The connection between material worlds
And divinity of human soul...
Different winds of mayhem cold
Wisp through haunted dreams of souls
Find more similar lyrics on me in their blinding burn
Into a realm of no return...
Every night the wind returns
To wisp my soul through dreams
Dreams of no shape come to life and swirl
Into the infinite depths...
Realm of no return...
Life is just a dream,we all shall awaken, soon!
For in our dreams we foresee our future's doom...
In every night the returns for my soul...
Winds so cold...
Calls to me out from the dark...
Tormented cries...
Shapeless forms of life,yet still unknown...
Unknown by time...
I will rest in forgotten voids
until my time has come...
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Lyrics to Realm of no Return
by Summon

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