Lyrics to Everything Everyway
by Sunk Loto

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[edit]Song titleEverything Everyway
[edit]Artist nameSunk Loto
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I said here I lay,
With a photograph of you and I
because today I'm inspired,
to write a song and celebrate our love

I said, So please don't change,
because you're perfect to me
I said, So please don't change,
just for the moment

I said, don't change a thing, because
you're beautiful in everyway
I said, don't change a thing, if
you're beautiful in everyway

and who you are, is who you are
Find more similar lyrics on you dont have to be like someone else
no magazine or any scene,
is gonna change the person that I am


I said so please don't change
because you're perfect to me
I said so please don't change just for the moment

I said don't change a thing because
you're beautiful in everyway
I said don't change a thing if
you're beautiful in everyway

everyway, everyway, everyway
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Lyrics to Everything Everyway
by Sunk Loto

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