Lyrics to Ten Years Pass
by Sunny Sweeney

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[edit]Song titleTen Years Pass
[edit]Artist nameSunny Sweeney
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Swore I'd never come back here
I'm drivin' east to face my fears
Headin' back down to my home town
And fightin' back the tears

I'm closin' in on your memory
The Friday night lights and your back seat
Young, Naive, and livin' on faith
I knew we'd be together always
Together always

Small town smell is creepin' in
Reminds me of what we were back when
Ten years pass and nothin's changed
This Texas town is still the same

That small town smell is creepin' in
Reminds me of what we were back when
Ten years pass and nothin's changed
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There's no use denyin' what I'm doin' here
There's still no reason after all these years
Heard some where that you moved on
I guess that old flame is good as gone

I walk in you're standin' with your wife
While I'm still lookin' for the love of my life
You and this town in the back of my mind
Since I left you both behind
I left you both behind

Small town smell is creepin' in
Reminds me of what we were back when
Ten years pass and everything's changed
But this old heart is still the same

Well this old heart is still the same
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Lyrics to Ten Years Pass
by Sunny Sweeney

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