Lyrics to Drowning
by Sunset Black

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[edit]Song titleDrowning
[edit]Artist nameSunset Black
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tell me what's your destination
Do you speak the truth like me
Tell me what's your destination
Do you want to live for free

I'm drowning in circles I
Feel everything
I'm drowning in circles I

And you speak answers
that I can't hear
And you talk in voices
you speak so clear
And you say you're sorry
time again in here

I'm drowning in circles I
Feel everything
I'm drowning in circles I

I'm drowning in circles I
Feel everything
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If something falls beneath this
If something comes about
If time keeps on wasting
away with doubt
In this I speak my sorrows
In this I call my own
I'm going away from nothing
I'm finding my way back
where I used to be
When all was safe and all was free
And now you're gone so I waste away
And now I find there's
nothing left to say
To you

I'm drowning in circles I
I'm drowning in circles I
I'm drowning in circles I
I'm drowning in circles I
I'm drowning in circles I
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Lyrics to Drowning
by Sunset Black

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