Lyrics to Thanx for your Approval
by Sunshine Lee

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[edit]Song titleThanx for your Approval
[edit]Artist nameSunshine Lee
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Thanx for your approval
when I fit into your mind.
It’s really very sad though
that you must my brain unwind.

You tell me that you love it
when I fly upon the wing.
But then you clip my feathers,
and that pain does really sting.

You tell me I must ‘do this’,
but your own rules you don’t abide.
Find more similar lyrics on’s to the point I run away,
and now from you I seek to hide.

I hunger for the yesterday
when all we did was run and play.
The Peace, the Joy, the Pure Love,
the Understanding from Above.

So let us now remember
how much we really care.
Let us cling to one another
– or do I only ‘beat the air’?
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Lyrics to Thanx for your Approval
by Sunshine Lee

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