Lyrics to Burn For You
by Superman is Dead

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[edit]Song titleBurn For You
[edit]Artist nameSuperman is Dead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Kuta Rock City

It’s been a while, we sat here with a glass of wine
We don’t seem much happier today
It’s hard to talk
When to look at you in the eye
Don’t you know?

I have so many things I wanna say
I got a story of million years
But in my head it hurts so much
couldn’t understand it
Try to change who I am today
Have enough just to hurt you more
Baby all I wanna do, is burn for you

Baby burn, burn, burn for you
No matter when the sun goes down
All the things I need to say, I’ll
Find more similar lyrics on it when I’m burning
Burn, burn, burn for your love
It’s worth it in the name of God
The strongest words from my own heart
I wonder if it’s too late now!

Across the line, between love and hate we thru
Gave so much for me to think about
I found it’s hard, to put all my trust in you
Don’t you know?

You’ve hurt me so much I couldn’t say
You’ve blamed me for things I didn’t do
Don’t even know that I cook you
breakfast in the morning

And when you’re drunk baby you don’t care
This is a game I don’t wanna play
You’re breaking my heart into a thousand piece
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Lyrics to Burn For You
by Superman is Dead

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