Lyrics to Throne of Thorns
by Svartahrid

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[edit]Song titleThrone of Thorns
[edit]Artist nameSvartahrid
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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As the sunrise flickers and the angels fall.
I behold the rise of the northern star.
Draped in fire and ice, the resurrection.
Visions of a birth so long ago foreseen.

When the world crumbles and falls to dust.
In the ruins I will stand.

Let the icy light embrace you.
And the shining star guide you.
To my eternal kingdom of emptiness.
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When the world crumbles and falls to dust.
In the ruins I will stand

Grant me your soul for one cold kiss.
Follow me, for I am the legion.
In fire I descend, for....

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Lyrics to Throne of Thorns
by Svartahrid

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