Lyrics to Better Than you
by Swans

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[edit]Song titleBetter Than you
[edit]Artist nameSwans
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm so glad I'm better than you,
I'm so glad I'm better than you are.
I'm so glad I'm better than you,
I'm so glad I'm better than you are.
Sit here. Now look in the mirror -
Something's wrong, your face is distorted.
Feel the flow: there's blood in your body.
And you can see clearly every heartbeat you make.
Close your eyes, touch your mouth in the mirror -
That's the wound that is made where
the past meets the future.
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I'm so glad I'm better than you are.
I can see clearly through this veil of reality.
And I can remember the feel of your skin.
No you never knew me and you never will
When nothing's there, nothing is concealed.
I'm so glad I'm better than you,
I'm so glad I'm better than you are.
I'm so glad I'm better than you,
I'm so glad I'm better than you are.
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Lyrics to Better Than you
by Swans

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