Lyrics to Counter Parts
by Swollen Members & Dilated Peoples

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[edit]Song titleCounter Parts
[edit]Artist nameSwollen Members
[edit]FeaturingDilated Peoples
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Check it out" Q-Tip
cut and scratched 4x

One two yo yo yo
Yo hit the switch in December
I'll be on till November
Bombin, disturbin the calm at civic centers
Make a smoothie outta rapper and
his ice in my blender
Beyond the Fender Bender, Dilated-Swollen Members
Independent money makin, no time for waitin
Rakka stimulatin, designed for penetratin
Nuttin to prove, air sea and land mover
Crescent Heights, Cali up north to Vancouver

Molecular monitors censors an
Anaconda that harbors
A feeling for heat and armor and eating a snake charm
Capital break, wrap it in tape the cidic images
Stand up and when I twist the lid
off of a silver cylinder
Crash the vehicular, makes a riveting statement
Prior engagement escape this electric encagement
Select the vegenance surraying
for the four-blade tango
Enough voltage in my panel to
constantly change the channel

Chorus A - Iriscience
Yo I came here to change the whole sound of art
And let em know it all comes down to art
The mission now is rip the whole town apart
Wit my colleagues, my teammates, my counter parts

Chorus B - Iriscience
Yo I came here to change the whole sound of art
And let em know a new cycle is bound to start
The mission now is rip the whole town apart
Wit my colleagues, my teammates, my counter parts

Yo, some pay no mind
Man, I put time in so play this
You live on the edge, I live on the San Andreas
In range of, clear and present danger
Can't even trust my shadow, every
day it's lookin stranger
In ten years, you'll find me on the low
Full-bearded, Serpico wit flows yo
Coolin in the cut crevice, underground tavern
Wit wifey and seed, still on point like a javelin

Madchild twists and turns like an Indian burn
Wit powerful jaws and character flaws
Rippin and tearin wit claws
Kill if I'm aware of the cause
Not to mention, knuckles white from inner tension
Witch doctors and war chiefs approaching
Fantastic adventures, a frightening fortune
Scorpion tail snaps, constrictor strangles
S+M Rocks, Dilated Works the Angles

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Galvanize steel grate, ?I tear a? quite well made
I trust you're rush into an open blade of rust
Hands to ribbons, is in a beatbox of must
Crimson wordplay Prevail, the
narrarator from the doorway
My partners in this, have gotta be clearly obvious
Known for superior form of smoke inhalation
From spoken inceneration
Omens of Damien reignin in present New Haven
Now ain't that amazing?

Yo I'm inspired and wired
That time will be attractive
Not tired I've fired volcanoes still in ac-tive
(The unibomber!)
Causin drama or terror, it's fabulous
I'll bounce to the arting wit a
backpack full of travelers
Checks to burn, stay warm for the brain storm
Cuz in my snow storm
I freeze if I don't sleep below
the ice for my blanket
Thank earth for it's hidden treasures
And now I'm takin drastic measures

Chorus B

Indulge in this intrusion
Underworld defender
Horrendous snowball of absolute insaness (feel me)
Riskin freedom to be famous
When nothin remains except passion and pain
No slashin the vein, to bleed and drown in a bath
Fall down and I laugh, get up wipe myself
off and walk down a new path
I'm INTACT! You can't handle the impact
Insync, blazing wit killer instinct

imitating LL Cool J
I excel, they all fell
New details, Madchild Prevail
I remove the veil, manifest God self
As the life-giving son, Iriscience brings twelve
Like Buckingham Palace to British Columbia
Three states under ya, I deal
wit District of Columbia
Understand the numbers and the
system that you're under
And why them belly full but we keep em feelin hunger

"Check it out"
"Get live, catchin wreck is our thing" Jeru
"Check it out"
"Get live, catchin wreck is our thing"
"Check it out"
"Get live, catchin wreck is our thing"
"Check it out"
"Get live, catchin wreck is our thing"
"Check it out"
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Lyrics to Counter Parts
by Swollen Members & Dilated Peoples

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