Lyrics to Freak Fantastic
by Swollen Members

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[edit]Song titleFreak Fantastic
[edit]Artist nameSwollen Members
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mad Child and Prevail

Rock for the masses
Rock for the masses
Plastic explosives, ferocious
Flashbacks and overdoses
Rock for the masses
Rock for the masses

Mad Child

Yo, fire and anger, barbarians bang
We're furious things, we take this as a serious thing
You curious man? Then follow along
I'm outta control, the music seems
At times I act intolerable
Don't try to swallow it whole, take it piece by piece
I rip you limb by limb
Cuz I'm a beast that feasts on the weak minded
You'll find that I'm a basket case
One step ahead because my heart
pumps at a faster pace
Assasins, rapidly whippin' up a masterpiece
Iron jaws, I'm causin' a catastrophe
Has to be disasterous for us to care
I'm openin' the door for the mentally prepared
Come on in an' try this on for size
We don't act surprised, we don't sympathize
We just maintain the stature as we ransack the weak
Drastic changes from a fantastic freak


Mad Child and Prevail

Freak fantastic
Rock for the masses
Rock for the masses
Plastic explosives, ferocious
Flashbacks and overdoses
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Rock for the masses


Down to the wire, we take it down to the fibre
A pilot, a fighter, or anything in my range of fire
Is considered over, I dip a
victim deeper than bossanova
When in the shoulder, makes it hard
to steer, I want in again
We hunt more than deer my friend, the fearless defend
The only real place we know, the
balance of 'yes' and 'no'
Is a festival of freaks that pledge
to pull the weak from the edge of
sweet success
Seek and destroy is a test, I
enjoy when they pour from the
hornet's nest
The headquarters for the out of order
I can drop you out front, or I
can save you the quarter
Any way you look at it you're down for the count
Drowned by the Count, for the last red ounce


Mad Child

Rock for the masses, Prev rock glasses
Used to drop acid, Coke not a classic
Peace to Dilated, Arsonists and Jurassic
I'm a fuckin' freak, so I'mma freak fantastic
Can't get past it, Mad Child is spastic
Bite worse than bark, I'm a caine corso mastiff
Shit get drastic, fuck gettin' your ass kicked
Kids get blasted, frozen closed caskets

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Lyrics to Freak Fantastic
by Swollen Members

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