Lyrics to Here for you
by Swv (Sisters with Voices)

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[edit]Song titleHere for you
[edit]Artist nameSwv (Sisters with Voices)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'll always be here, for you
I promise you
I'll always stay
Nothing can take my love away
When ever you need a shoulder
I'll be forever true
There's nothing I won't do

Tell me what it is about your lovin'
That makes me do anything for you
I can't explain
But the fact remains, I'm feelin'...
Like whatever you do I'm
never leaving you
I'll always


Find more similar lyrics on are no words to
describe how I get excited
But it's easy to see I'm
crazy-into you, you
(I never had a love
like this so baby)
Make a promise that (you'll
always stay with me)
I'll always


I believe that (if you're
really feeling love)
(When it's true love)
(You can't let it get away)
(So baby that's why I'll say)

Repeat Chorus Until Fade...
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Lyrics to Here for you
by Swv (Sisters with Voices)

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