Lyrics to You are my Love
by Swv (Sisters with Voices)

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[edit]Song titleYou are my Love
[edit]Artist nameSwv (Sisters with Voices)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's no love I know
Greater than your love, baby for sure
And I've searched far and wide
And the stars above
But no love endures
So please return your love to me
You know that we should be together
In love forever
You are the one that I need

You are my love
And I need you here to love me
I need you here I swear
You are my love
And I want you to warm me
I'll always need you there

There's no pain I know
Like the pain I feel, feel in my heart
And I have cried, lord knows I've cried
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I hope you're not far, oh
If you could only here the words
I'm sorry that I hurt you baby
I must been crazy
Come back wherever you are


There's a certain amount of love I need
I'll never give up till
you're here with me
Lord knows you're (all I'm longing for)
Hmm, you see I never knew
how much in love I was
I'm sorry for all the wrong I've done
(All the wrong I've done
forgive me - you---)
Forgive me baby, you are
the only one---

Repeat Chorus Until Fade...
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Lyrics to You are my Love
by Swv (Sisters with Voices)

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