Lyrics to Until the Last
by Symphorce

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[edit]Song titleUntil the Last
[edit]Artist nameSymphorce
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The Abomination with all
it´s pestilent dreams
will swallow in the
darkness and relish your
I lift my head up high and
stare to the stars.
To a place that will heal the scars
Beware my friends as you pass by
as you are now so once was I
as I am now so you must be
( prepare to follow me )
The silence is broken, by
nightmarish dreams.
And you have been chosen,
to conquer the weak.
Hypnotized you will, you
Hypnotized by what they say
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sight as it blinds
conformed design
It turns to light
no place to hide
In for the endless might
Someone to hear your prayers,
someone who cares
your destination ends ahead
I´ll make you a believer
you know I´m a forgiver
Until the last
Until the last goodbye
Until the last
you could carry on with this lie
Until the last
Until the last will die
Until the last
No matter how hard I try
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Lyrics to Until the Last
by Symphorce

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