Lyrics to Ringleader Man
by T-Pain

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[edit]Song titleRingleader Man
[edit]Artist nameT-Pain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, oh, oh, hey

We gon' have a ripping good time
Just hit rewind and you can see I'm far too crazy
My rhythms and rhymes keep niggas in line
'Cause now is not the time to be lazy

I'm the ringleader man a cane in my hand
And an iced out top hat on my head
Ain't you tired of that wackness, sick of this wack shit?
Wouldn't you like some of me instead?

The ringleader man, this is my circus, I'm working
I can flip this whole game with one hand
The ringleader man, I know it's a fact that you rather
Just have some of me instead

The ringleader man
The ringleader man
(Ha, ha, hey)
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This industry is my circus, I know that it just hurts
Just sit back and take pain like I used to
And I'm trying to stop cursing but I don't give a fuck
I'm going to curse you with lyrical voodoo

I'm the ringleader man
You can't understand the shit that comes out of my head
But you like all that wackness, loving all that wack shit
I rather just say fuck you instead

The ringleader man, this is my circus, I'm working
I can flip this whole game with one hand
The ringleader man, I know it's a fact that you rather
Just have some of me instead

The ringleader man
The ringleader man
(Ha, ha)
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Lyrics to Ringleader Man
by T-Pain

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