Lyrics to Don't Pray for me
by Tad Morose

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[edit]Song titleDon't Pray for me
[edit]Artist nameTad Morose
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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'twas no mistake I heard them say
We'll take away tomorrow
And make each day just fade away
As lesser demons follow
We steal the sky, we circle high
We never fill the poor soul
In misery, sweet misery
Let lesser demons follow

They spoke of how a great cabal
Make mountains shake and crumble
The days on earth for
what they're worth
Make angels scared and humble
It's fair to say that any day
Can tear your life asunder
In misery, sweet misery
As lesser demons wander
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And if the stakes are high now
Just take them higher
And if the walls come down
Don't wait for me
To feel the sun embrace you
Heats my desire
So when the walls come down
Don't pray for me

These written words can all be heard
So listen well and follow
I swear by God's Almighty Son
That lesser demons wallow
What if I say, today's the day
Tomorrow's not tomorrow
In misery, sweet misery
Today is when we follow
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Lyrics to Don't Pray for me
by Tad Morose

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