Lyrics to No Tears in the Rain
by Tad Morose

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[edit]Song titleNo Tears in the Rain
[edit]Artist nameTad Morose
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In my world there is nothing quite like this pain
All your dreams, your illusions
They're like tears in the rain

Eyes stare blank
You don't reach don't you need me
Can't you see that this needs be and
no one else really cares
See me
See my world in another light
So full of life new beginnings and
our souls burn so bright
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I Don't dream I'm falling anymore...

In my world There is nothing quite like this pain
All your dreams, your illusions
They're like tears in the rain

Your eyes stare back
You don't reach out, don't you need me
Can't you see how this bleeds me
And no one else really to cares
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Lyrics to No Tears in the Rain
by Tad Morose

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