Lyrics to Bedtime Story
by Tammy Wynette

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[edit]Song titleBedtime Story
[edit]Artist nameTammy Wynette
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've told you almost every bedtime story
And you've heard almost every nursery rhyme
So tonight before you'll go to sleep
And pray the Lord your soul to keep
Here's Mommy's favorite story one more time

Once upon a time there was a castle
And in this castle lived a king and queen
And it came to pass they both were blessed
By one little blue eyed princess
With the softest golden curls you've ever seen

But then one day he met this pretty lady
And she had lots of pretty words to say
And this part makes your Mommy sad
'Cause, oh, what big eyes she had
And she took his hand and led him far away

Still it's just another bedtime story
But telling it brings teardrops to my eyes
Just another pretty bedtime story
Find more similar lyrics on please forgive Mommy if she cries

Then it came to pass the king grew lonely
And the pretty lady wasn't all she seemed
He realized that he was wrong
And started his long journey home
For he missed his little princess and his queen

Then he was back and safe inside his castle
And tears of joy came pouring down like rain
Then the castle rang with laughter
They lived happy ever after
Knowing he would never leave again

Still it's just another bedtime story
But telling it brings teardrops to my eyes
Just another pretty bedtime story
So please forgive Mommy if she cries

Won't you please forgive your Mommy if she cries
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Lyrics to Bedtime Story
by Tammy Wynette

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