Lyrics to Maybe I Deserve
by Tank

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[edit]Song titleMaybe I Deserve
[edit]Artist nameTank
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oooh hey hey well well well
Do you mind if I tell the truth for a second ya'll

Maybe I deserve
to wonder who calling so damn late
For you to say im trippin it's just a homie from upstate (said it's just a homie)
Don't he know it's 1:00 in the morning
you say it's cool baby it's cool

Baby I deserve
for you to say he's coming into town ( he wants to see you)
and he's just wondering if you and him can hang out
I don't like it but I know I gotta trust you
It ain't cool cause I know it's true

Maybe I deserve
for you to go out and find some other guy
Maybe I deserve
for you to stay out with him all night
Maybe I deserve
for you to do all the things I did to you
Maybe I deserve ( oh yeah)
Maybe I deserve
Repeat Twice

For you to put on a sexy dress
for me to ask you Who the hell you trying to impress
for you to laugh it off like it ain't nothing
I know it's something Maybe just maybe

to sit a home and wonder where you are
Find more similar lyrics on he kissing you touching you holding you what
Take a drink and help ease my mind
I wanna be mad after all those times

Repeat chorus 2X

for me to ask you where you been
for you to say I better stop tripping
To grab your neck until you let me know
for you to run crying, crying out the door
to grab my coat and chase you down the street
To say it ain't you it's my own insecurity
for you to say yes I cheated on you
I wont care cause after all I put you through I deserve
I deserve yeah yeah yeah
To be mistreated sometimes
to even be lied to sometimes
Maybe you should go cheat on me

Maybe I should sit and wait by the phone
Cause I paged you about 3 or 4 times
girl I know girl I know I then put you through
I then put you through hell
and I don't care
and I don't care
and I deserve

see a man cant take another man taking our woman
we cant even stand waiting by the phone
But we do the same shit
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Lyrics to Maybe I Deserve
by Tank

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