Lyrics to Turn
by Tech N9ne

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[edit]Song titleTurn
[edit]Artist nameTech N9ne
Aaron Dontez YatesTech Nine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The change of feelings or attitude The change of
intention To redirect a point of aim The reverse
of one's feelings To upset or unsettle We were the
dynamic duo we were unstoppable musicly i was
incredible and made you a veteran was like the
titanic you know you was unmockable to TU and
conseverable punks and you were better than me it
musta went to your head cause ever since you made
it your ego sits on the red sometimes i wanna put
slits in your head when you didn't come to Brian's
funeral I shoulda sent you to bed you don't even
come round no mo' you don't invite me to your
shows you treat me like we ain't down no mo' I bet
you ain't seen your son in months I bet your wife
is miserable and you ain't the once she wants,
took you in and gave you shelter made it to where
they feltcha now I just sit at home and watch you
bubble like alcaselscer, SICK, A while ago I
wasn't conserned you took my heart and homie win
will you learn that you burn when you


Turn I can feel it in the air Somebody's turnin We
live in a place so cold boy my fire's burnin I'll
keep my enemies beware close so I can see For I
sit and watch my best friends turn they backs on

No one could tell you was against me I was with
Kelly you was with Quincy Nobody could tell
there's nothing in our city If this was Cali you
was E-40 I was Levittie or Dre and Nate we was
displaying great pieces of music but only
different sides of the gate Told you I was leaving
and keep my girl company When I turn my back it
was like humpedy humpedy DAMN! I called you and
asked if it was true and you lied Boy I wanted to
beat you black and blue till you died Knew my lady
Find more similar lyrics on well proportioned you took it next known she
was havin abortions wrote songs on how she used to
stutter stutter I disagreed with every word that
she uttered uttered brother you stabbed me in the
back you snake better yet you worm took my lady
homie when will you learn thatcha burn when you


Turn I can feel it in the air Somebody's turinin
We live in a place so cold boy my fire's burnin
I'll keep my enemies beware close so I can see For
I sit and watch my best friends turn they backs on

You the liar cheater mistreater never come on the
block if you stop and think why everybody is hot
us's an abuser watch what comes outcha cooler
cause if I see you slippin up in the streets imma
do ya I made is so people in the city knew who you
was I'm the reason why the Kansass streets got a
buzz you was broken through the city not a block
was listenin picked you up when you didn't have a
pot to piss in, listen, gave you a little money
put you back on you feet gave you your first
record put it off in the streets now all I hear is
you killin me in your song beef so I snuck up on
you in the movies and knocked you out your seat
till your next rhyme there will be a next time
when you turn your back on somebody who helped you
get signed black hearted devil in you yo that's
just crime all these verses are directed towards
you TECH N9NE for verse one and three there's two
sides to every story, except for verse two I was
rubbing in two left shoes I apologize man


I'll keep my enemies beware close so I can see For
I sit and watch my best friends turn they backs on
me Yeah __________________
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Lyrics to Turn
by Tech N9ne

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