Lyrics to Refuse to Change
by Ten Yard Fight

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[edit]Song titleRefuse to Change
[edit]Artist nameTen Yard Fight
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We looked you in the eye. And expressed our views.
So next time you cross us You've got no excuse.
You know how we feel. You know we're for real. Our
beliefs are fierce and we will not yield. Don't
come near us with your words of hate. Don't come
near us when you're in that state. They've altered
your mind and distorted your views. But you can't
Find more similar lyrics on them because You except the abuse. You know
you're wrong but refuse to change. It's not you,
it's your ways I hate. Don't come near us No! Keep
it away! Don't come near us with your words of
hate. Don't come near us when you're in that
state. You know you're wrong but you refuse to
change .
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Lyrics to Refuse to Change
by Ten Yard Fight

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