Lyrics to The Government Totally Sucks
by Tenacious D

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[edit]Song titleThe Government Totally Sucks
[edit]Artist nameTenacious D
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The government totally sucks
You motherfucker
The government totally sucks

Ben Franklin was a rebel indeed
He liked to get naked while he smoked on the weed
He was a genius but if he was here today
The government would fuck him up his righteous A!

Now let me tell you something about
the government (uh huh)
They're fucking up the environment (say what?)
They're taking all the fucking
beautiful animals (yeah?)
And making them fucking extinct (oh no!)

The government totally sucks
You motherfucker
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The government totally sucks

Cos the land of love and freedom,
Is just a baby's breath away
And if we hold hands together
We can bring back the USA

The USAAAAAA, yeah!
Bring back the USAAAA, yeah!
The fucking USAAAA yeah!
Bring back the US!

Government totally sucks!
Lee That was amazing, you changed
people's lives tonight!
JB yeah it was awesome, compared to bullshit!
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Lyrics to The Government Totally Sucks
by Tenacious D

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