Lyrics to Rudeboy Salute
by Terror Squad

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[edit]Song titleRudeboy Salute
[edit]Artist nameTerror Squad
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Buju Banton
Never jump up in-a mi face, cause I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Hey (what about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Terror Squad leader, come down..

VERSE 1: Fat Joe
When I was young I blazed the
corner with a vengeance
Crack king descendant, 14 years
old facin a sentence
Me and Tone Soul still co-defendants
Know your legends Fat Joe,
Soul blowin up sessions
Split dough with detectives to
get my flow in protection
Through the ice on my gold you
see your own reflection
Can't tell me shit about murder and movin weight
I got niggas that's off the
scale that'll bust through you
and your mate
It's proven today, Armageaddon's
comin sooner than late
We rappers that really blast,
I know Cuban relates
50 niggas of terror, rockin 560 leathers
Some of us are dyin to gain, but
the name lives forever
Marked on my flesh to make my thoughts manifest
When I spark, no man's heart could
withstand through the test
Apply the pressure like I used to
do, but Crack never left
I traded in my double breasted
for a Mac and a vest
What the fuck?

Buju Banton
Never jump up in-a mi face, I gun
Never judge a book by di cover dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Hey (what about Pun?)
(Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Tonight is a whole lot of fun

VERSE 2: Buju Banton
Tell them, icin this
>From the heart of Kingston
to the ice of Alaska
Buffalo Soldier, hardcore rasta
I am di originial, fuck di impostor
Determined to make it with or without ya
No borders, no boundaries
I've got to take care of my enemies
Don't you oppress, eleviate stress
Disrespect ??? wreckless
Artillery strapped over my chest
Bullet a-penetrate from right out to left
Skip and dive, duck like _The Matrix_
>From the day I've been born
Find more similar lyrics on have been a target
Get-get-get, whenever whoever
Disrespect Buju Banton - never
??? clever
Wanted, make di front page of di ???
Terror Squad crew, you're takin over
Over, over, over
Hear dis

Never jump up in-a mi face, cause I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Tell them
(What about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Rudebwoy ???? pon down

VERSE 3: Big Pun
Little baby jacker, raised my little
sister while you baby-sat
Why she livin fat, she ain't got a baby back
Ya heard? Cause where we at
it's either live or die
I seen a nigga sky high from
blye, cause he thought the
shit was fly
I let you ride if you bustin
I let you die if you bluffin
Cause to die is the whole price of nothin
You fuckin with all brothers and Bronx bombers
Who want drama, word to my dead and gone mama
Let me find the next muthafucka
Disrespect Fat Joe, the Don Carta
And I'ma have to jig a nigga like Shawn Carter
What's wrong, partner?
Punisher peel your banana, see you mañana
Leave your mama covered with a white cama
That's right, I'ma be there with my guns
Blowin the spot, I ain't got
no hair on my tongues
Cause where I'm from we don't only talk the talk
We walk the walk, B-X, baby, New York, New York

Buju Banton
Never jump up in-a mi face, I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
This was Fat Joe and Buju Banton
Tell them
(What about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)

Fat Joe
Buju Banton
Original rasta gangsta
Fat Joe
Terror Squad massive
What, what?
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Lyrics to Rudeboy Salute
by Terror Squad

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