Lyrics to Legions of the Dead
by Testament

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[edit]Song titleLegions of the Dead
[edit]Artist nameTestament
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chant incantate
See his legions march in trace
Destroy desecrate
Church of lies
The priest await to be
Right in this world
By fate the host of hate
Arose from a whirl
Sealed the earth from all it's sins
From fire that he spreads
Where's your God to save you know
from the hordes of the undead
Hear the locust roar...
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The legions of the dead
Envoked in this world
The legions of the dead
Envoked all hell on earth
Choked this world dead
Paralyzed by what they believe
to be... unholy, all evil
Immortal, unholy, infernal...
Unholy, all evil
Immortal, unholy unfernal one...
The legions of the dead...
envoked all hell on earth
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Lyrics to Legions of the Dead
by Testament

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