Lyrics to The Ballad
by Testament

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[edit]Song titleThe Ballad
[edit]Artist nameTestament
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm not one to say
Where my feelings are going when they wither away
I pray to see another day
My heart's feeling like a needle lost in the hay
Restrained to meet again
My friend do you think that we ever will
I know we are free...

The games are played with your life on the line
Some lose, you win if you keep on trying
I don't mind doing the time, I'm happier being alive
Now I know the truth is your own most
sacred lesson I've ever learned
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I've been robbed, I've been fooled
I intend now to make my own rules
Dagger's edge cut the line, I've been down that road
Too many times
What's to fear. fear no more,
Show my conscience what fear's for
Now I know this is so real
What's done is done so do as you will!

I'm keeping alive! Go on, no don't look back
Just realise where you've gone.
Where are you going to, no life's not done wit you
You've only just begun, to live your life, for you...
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Lyrics to The Ballad
by Testament

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