Lyrics to Everywhere I go (He's Already Been There)
by Tex Williams

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[edit]Song titleEverywhere I go (He's Already Been There)
[edit]Artist nameTex Williams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I wake up every morning determined to find A
better way of showing my love for you Though I
reharse each single thing I'm gonna say or do I've
gotta make you see my love is true But everywhere
I go he's already been there And he's already said
and done what I could say or do Yes everywhere I
Find more similar lyrics on he's already been there but that don't stop my
loving you steel
Each time I try to hold you and talk about us you
don't seem to hear a word I say Though you respond
to my embrace there's no warmth just there And yet
you've never pushed me away And everywhere I go...
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Lyrics to Everywhere I go (He's Already Been There)
by Tex Williams

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