Lyrics to Between the Sheets
by The 411

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[edit]Song titleBetween the Sheets
[edit]Artist nameThe 411
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What was wrong with you?
What was wrong with me?
We can put it all behind
When we get between the sheets, babe

Looking down at your face
You know what i'm asking for
Soft and warm, in my place
Is it too much to ask for more

What was wrong with you
What was wrong with me
We can put it all behind
When we get between the sheets, babe
What i said to you
What you said to me
We can put it all behind
When we get between the sheets, babe
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Your sweet lips close to mine
I think it's time to come inside
Now here's your coat to catch the rain, baby
Don't stop until i go insane

Repeat Chorus

You don't understand what you do
to me each time we kiss
I don't think another love will
ever come close to this
Let me breathe the words
and make you feel a certain
way tonight
Everything you say or do, baby if
it's wrong it's right

Repeat Chorus x2
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Lyrics to Between the Sheets
by The 411

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