Lyrics to I'm on the Football Team
by The All-American Rejects

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[edit]Song titleI'm on the Football Team
[edit]Artist nameThe All-American Rejects
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Coach says I'm real good
Best kid in the neighborhood
Looks like I got a future ahead of me
Startin' quarterback number 13
Mom and dad are so proud of me
I'm down with the cool kids, oh yeah.

You know I'm cool
The chicks dig me
And its okay
I get replaced, but it's alright
'Cause they all know...

I'm on the football team
Na na na na na (x3)
I'm on the football team
Na na na na na (x3)
I'm on the football team
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Now im gettin chicks left and right
They're lining up for Saturday night
Just to go down on me, oh yeah.
And when I walk down the hall
All of the nerds and geeks fall
Down on their knees and worship me..


"Hey dad! Guess what!"
"Whats that, son?"
"I'm on the football team!"
"Well jiminy in the buckhole."

Na na na na na, Na na na na
na, Na na na na na
I'm on the football team (x4)
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Lyrics to I'm on the Football Team
by The All-American Rejects

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