Lyrics to Aquabat March
by The Aquabats

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[edit]Song titleAquabat March
[edit]Artist nameThe Aquabats
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's so much to be happy about
In this life what a
wonderful chance
We have to work hard, play hard
And maybe even find yourself a girl
And make some romance
So don't you think It'd be so lame
To get all crazy drunk
And start a fight?
We'd much rather dance
with some girls
So if you want to fight
Get the heck outta here
you stupid fool!

Please don't kill us
We're just the Aquabats
Find more similar lyrics on're just trying to have
A little fun
Ha ha ha ha
So if you want to fight
We can duke it out
Just please don't kill us
With your gun

We're all just peaceful
little Aquabats
We would never take a life
We don't want to fight
But if we must,
Please be cool,
No guns or knives.

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Lyrics to Aquabat March
by The Aquabats

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