Lyrics to He Don't Love you
by The Band

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[edit]Song titleHe Don't Love you
[edit]Artist nameThe Band
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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He don't love you and he'll break your heart
Just like you're breaking mine
Then he'll take all of your love
And leave you behind
I know the name of his game
Says sweet words like falling rain

Do you believe that he loves you?
Do you really think that he loves you?
Girl I just want you to know
He don't love you and he'll break your heart

He got money and a big fine car
He'll buy your heart's desire
But pretty soon he'll put you down
Put your feet flat on the ground
Stick with me, stay with me
We'll have love the way it ought to be

Do you believe that he loves you?
Find more similar lyrics on you really think that he loves you?
Girl I just want to tell you
He don't love you and he'll break your heart

Make you cry telling lies
I hope you'll realize mmmm...
He don't love you and he'll break your heart

Just like I said he'd do
Then you'll finally find out
He don't care for you
You didn't know which way to go
But like I told you woman long time ago

Do you believe that he loves you?
Do you really think that he loves you?
Oh you can't believe that he loves you
Oh he'll put you down
Put your flat feet on the ground
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Lyrics to He Don't Love you
by The Band

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