Lyrics to Remedy
by The Band

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[edit]Song titleRemedy
[edit]Artist nameThe Band
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now it's so cold in your doorway that I can hardly breathe
You know I wanna lay down but I'm afraid I'll freeze
I've spent my last lone dollar getting in the shape that I'm in
And runnin' from the border just as fast as I can
Well, last September I was on a roll
Now I'm out here trying to save my soul

You've got the cure, you hold the key
You've got the remedy
Once I was blind, now I see
You got the remedy

I believe you got in something just like a stingray
And when you turn on your moves you put the hurt on me
Well, I might get better but I won't get well
Until I'm over the line and I'm under your spell
I'm like a spider crawlin' up your wall
Hear something funny, it's my matin' call

You've got the cure, you hold the key
Find more similar lyrics on've got the remedy
Once I was blind, now I see
You got the remedy

Been knocking on your window, a-peeking through the blinds
Honey, come here a-runnin', won't you take your time
And now I ain't no preacher man, I ain't no preacher's son
But I'll be singing Hallelujah when I see you come
I left my mind at the fork in the road
I' m out here haulin' a heavy load

You've got the cure, you hold the key
You've got the remedy
Once I was blind, now I see
You got the remedy

You've got the cure, you hold the key
You've got the remedy
It goes to show, it's plain to see
You got the remedy
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Lyrics to Remedy
by The Band

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